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Window cleaning company

Welcome to Fisher Limpiezas y Servicios, your definate solution for clean windows in Calpe and surroundings. Our commitment to quality and shine reflects on each and every one of our window cleaning services.

Professionalism in window cleaning

In Fisher Limpiezas y Servicios, we understand that window cleaning is a very delicate job that requires ability and precision. Our company is dedicated to offer you an exceptional service, wether it be in your home, business or ofrece, we will make your windows and glass surfaces impeccable.

Tradiccional tools and technology

In Fisher Limpiezas y Servicios, we confide in traditional methods and tools for cleaning windows. We are known for our dedication to quality and our attention to detail in our window cleaning service. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are ready to make sure your windows shine and are impeccable using traditional methods.

Window cleaning of residencial and commercial areas

Our experience in cleaning Windows spreads from homes over to commercial enviroments.
We offer personalized services that adapt to your specific needs, wether it be maintaining clean your windows at home or to garantee that your business always has a shinning image to your customers.

Flexabilty programming

We understand that each customer has different timetables and different needs, for that reason we can offer a flexible programme that fits you, wether it be a one off or a programmed regular service, we are here to satisfy your needs.

If you are looking for the excellence of window cleaning in Calpe and surroundings, look no further.