Laundry and ironing services in Calpe and surroundings.

Professional cleaning company

In Fisher Limpiezas y Servicios, we offer services of washing laundry and linen, and ironing to make your life easier. Our services of washing and ironing are designed to save you time and work allowing you to enjoy the freshness that you deserve.

Clean laundry service

Our clean laundry services is convenient and efficient. Forget loading your washing machine and worrying over dirty laundry. Our company will make sure your laundry is washed, dried and ironed wether it be clothes, towels, linen or bed linen, using high quality products and washing tecniques to assure impeccable results . We deliver your laundry clean and fresh in the comfort of your home.

Ironing service

Ironing can be a long, hot, boring job.
Let us take care of that for you. Our ironing service garantees that your laundry is perfectly ironed and ready to use. We can take on any sort of materials or items, from a T-shirt to bed linen.

Fresh smelling and minimum creases

Our aim is to offer you freshness and cleanliness at all times, wether it be your personal wardrobe or for commercial use, our clean laundry and ironing services offer you an impeccable image without the bother of you having to do it yourself.

Flexability programming

We understand that life can sometimes be irritating, for that reason we offer a flexible programme that adapts to your timetables. Wether it be a one off or a regular washing plan, we are here to satisfy your needs.

In Fisher Limpiezas y Servicios, we make it possible that your washing and ironing is made simple and without complications.