Maintenance services and key holding for properties in Calpe and surroundings

Maintenance company

In Fisher Limpiezas y Servicios, we are proud to offer you a wide spread of maintenance services for homes, businesses and communities in Calpe and surroundings, apart from an exclusive service of key holding for properties, also check-ups for non residents. Our aim is to maintain your property in safe and optimum conditions.

Home, business and community maintenance

Our maintenance services spread a wide spectrum, from home repairs to maintenance tasks for businesses and communities. Our expert company will make sure that every aspect of your property is in excellent condition, wether it be an urgent repairation or a preventive maintenance, we are here to look after your property.

Key holding and check-ups for non residents

For the property owners that dont live in the area, we offer an exclusive service of key holding and check-ups. This means your property is safe and well looked after in your absence. We carry out regular inspections to make sure that everything is in order, and if need be , we make the appropriate arrangements immediately.


Our commitment with safety and quality

The safety and quality of your property is our priority. Our company offers advanced methods to assure excepcional results. We maintain a meticulous register of the jobs done and the inspections made for your peace of mind.

Contact us for more information on our maintenance services and key holding can benefit your property in Calpe and surroundings.